Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Mid America Security?

We install, monitor and service your Kentucky security system. Our Louisville Security firm has a relationship with local authorities and provides a greater level of customer service.

2. Does Mid America Security serve businesses also?

Yes, Mid America Security can create business security systems businesses need to fit all of your needs. Every company—and every building—is unique, with distinctive security needs and issues.

3. Are your employees experienced?

Being one of the top security companies in Louisville, KY we pride ourselves with our highly trained technicians.

4. Do you monitor 24/7?

Yes, we monitor your system with our 24/7 Central Monitoring Station.

5. How difficult is it to operate the alarm security system?

Our Kentucky security systems are very user-friendly. Senior adults and youth have had no problems using our alarm monitoring systems.

6. What if I need service after you install the system?

You will be able to speak to a live person 24/ 7.

7. What about false alarms?

It is not unusual to accidentally sound your alarm, resulting in a false alarm. However, Mid America Security Systems always verifies the integrity of the sounded alarm before dispatching the concerned authorities.

8. What brand of the alarm security equipment will Mid America Security Systems install in my home?

Mid America Security Systems installs Honeywell alarm security equipment in your home. Honeywell is the most recognized and trusted name in safety and security systems.

9. What happens to my security alarm system during a power failure?
Continuous power supply cannot be taken for granted. With every security alarm system we install, we also include a backup power supply that will keep your alarm system running during those temporary blackouts

10. Can I activate the alarm system when I am home alone?

Absolutely! The sensors in your system can be positioned in your home to protect areas around you. Also, a panic button can be installed for extra peace of mind.

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